HOMEPracticesIntellectual Property
Due to the rapid development of the IT industry, the value of corporate knowledge, its use, and infringement issues have become critically important in corporate management. The manner and method of infringement are also developing, hence requiring experience and expertise in the claim for damages.

This area of the law requires extensive experience and in-depth understanding of related laws such as the Patent Act, the Utility Model Act, the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act, and the Act on Prevention and Protection of Industrial Technology Act, as well as international treaties and foreign laws.

MinJu has accumulated expertise in the traditional area of industrial property such as patents, copyright, and trademarks, and provides specialized legal services in conjunction with related matters that involve unfair competition, trade secrets, internet domain names, franchising and licensing, and sports and entertainment.

MinJu provides services in the following areas:
Application, registration, management, and litigation involving patents, trademarks, utility models
Copyright registration and related disputes
Domain name registration, management, and related disputes
Protection of trade secrets
Prevention of unfair competition
Licensing and franchising
Portrait and publicity rights