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Corporate legal demand is becoming more and more diverse and complex. New legal issues are arising in areas of corporate governance, consumer protection, management disputes, corporate inheritance, and other areas of corporate law.
Due to intensely competitive market conditions, M&As are also being brought about for diverse reasons: in order to seek new growth potential, to fortify key business areas, to secure a stable supply of raw materials, to secure a certain market or technology, to overcome trade barriers, to secure inexpensive labor, and to promote business diversification, among others.
Such mergers & acquisitions generally involve the utilization of financial leverage. MinJu helps meet client needs by finding the optimum M&A model through existing local and overseas financial networks and custom financing options.

MinJu provides legal services in the following areas:

Incorporation and general corporate law
Local and cross-border business contracts
Transfer of management and merger, partition processes
Local and international joint venture, technology transfer, franchise contracts
Due diligence
M&A structural analysis and tax issues
Preparation of investment proposals, MOUs
M&A contract preparation and negotiations
Preparation of government approval papers
M&A related litigation