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The Korean banking, securities, and finance market is a market that continues to grow and develop. Many prominent financial institutions, both domestic and foreign, seek opportunities to play an active role in providing a multitude of financial services to Korean customers and investors.

Naturally, the legal issues involving the provision of financial services in Korea are highly complex. The relevant laws evolve at a rapid pace, as large numbers of financial products and services are introduced in short intervals.

Having major Korean commercial banks as our main clients, the area of law related to credit, foreign exchange, securities, and insurance is MinJu’s core practice area. With partners and senior attorneys with backgrounds from leading local financial institutions, MinJu provides comprehensive legal consultation on banking, securities, and insurance matters.

MinJu’s team of experts, well versed in the effects of the new Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act which came into force in February 2009 enabling the local financial industry to compete with foreign global investment banks, also provides advice on compliance matters and consultation on newly established authorization procedures.

MinJu provides legal services in the following areas:
Consultation on credit, L/C, foreign exchange, payment guarantees, bills
Consultation on consignment, forward sales and other securities related matters
Consultation on fund planning, sales
Consultation on insurance contracts, disputes
Consultation on laws and regulations in banking, investment, foreign exchange, and insurance
Authorization and establishment of financial institutions, holding companies