HOMEPracticesLitigation & Arbitration

Attorneys at MinJu come from diverse backgrounds. Many were justices in the past. Collaboration among our specialized attorneys results in the best solution for our clients whether in litigation or in arbitration.
Litigation services has played an essential role in the rapid growth of our firm since 2004.
The area of litigation and arbitration can be classified along civil, criminal, family, administrative, and non-litigation cases.
The services provided by MinJu include the following:

Civil, commercial litigation, arbitration
Banking, insurance, general finance: cases involving revocation of fraudulent act, compensation for damages,
Securities: cases involving fair appraisal of shares, M&A, etc.
Construction: cases involving defects, payment of fees, etc.
Real estate trust: various fraud cases
Corporate: cases involving corporate management, product liability, labor, tax, etc.
IP: cases involving trademark, patent, utility model, design
Arbitration cases before KCAB, ICC, AAA, etc.
Family, Non-litigation
Divorce and division of property
Non-litigation cases involving trust, registration, auction, etc.
General criminal cases
Cases involving Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes, etc.
Cases involving special laws on labor and tax
Suits involving revocation of various administrative dispositions
Formal objections to administrative dispositions